Are you using a cloud accounting tool yet?

December 22, 2020

If you are a business owner cloud accounting is the answer to optimising and growing your business.

Why the cloud?  The cloud is everywhere that internet is available.  You can logon from anywhere, even your phone. Information is in a single file and it is automatically backed up, meaning there are no more backups to USB and then the transfer of files. Your accountant, bookkeeper, banker or business partners can log on and see real time information in an instant.

Connectivity is one of the most powerful benefits of cloud accounting systems and this is expanding all the time. You can connect point of sale, ecommerce and debt chasing to your system, and because it is all in the cloud, information is processed behind the scenes.

It’s Insightful. Cloud accounting applications are designed to give you an easy, full and up to date picture of your financial situation, empowering you to make timely and wise decisions. In today’s business environment this is essential! It needs to be quick, convenient and easy to use. There are many affordable options.  Simply google “cloud accounting options” to choose a cloud accounting package that best suits your needs.

My preferred software as an accountant is Xero.  With Xero we can do everything in the one file.  Bookkeeping, Financial Statements, BAS and Tax Compliance.  The compliance BAS, TAX, STP and Auto Super can be completed directly from the Xero file. 

Really, does it get any easier?

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