The Business Metamorphosis Model: How To Transform Your Business Into The Success You Want

April 11, 2022

Often thought to be a rather boring aspect of life-related to figures, tax and watching the dollars and cents, accountancy sometimes gets a bad rap.  Teresa Smith is taking a positive direction to explode those old myths.  She is definitely not a ‘bring in your shoebox of receipts’ accountant.  She helps businesses take a proactive approach to the financial success of their business.

Being “In the Black” financially is every business person’s goal, and choosing this as her business name shows her personal trajectory. Teresa Smith CPA is the businesswoman who exemplifies how to achieve the goals you set for yourself, and she and her team have a positive pathway for you to achieve your financial management goals too.

Teresa has had different working roles over her 40 odd years and making the decision to operate her own business has brought both challenges and rewards.  Her tenacity and having a plan have seen the growth to where she has now employed two bookkeepers and a part-time student.  This is freeing up her schedule to get out there and really engage with her clients, old and new.

Teresa attributes her success to her quality bookkeeping skills, her experience of over 20 years in the tax accountancy world and the discovery of a book written by Lynda Steffens titled Accounting Revolution.  This appealed because of its focus on coaching businesses to better accounting outcomes.  Delving deeper into this revolution, Teresa developed a Five Year Plan about a year ago to ‘get businesses talking to us’.  This front foot approach is proving a boon to her clients.

The business advisory process Teresa employs is a simple but very effective one.  It uses the Business Metamorphosis Model

This model both motivates and mentors.

Step 1 analysis of where the business is now and where you want to be in the future

Step 2  setting up a free 30 min discover session to find out what keeps you up at night

Step 3  2-3 hour Dig sessions to delve further into the business and form an action plan for the future

Step 4 Implement the action plan.

So what now for In the Black?  The vision isbetter business makes better communities”, and the mission is to “give businesses the tools to grow”.  Using this pathway underpinned by a personal relationship with Teresa, and formulating action together, regional business growth is assured.

Teresa offers a genuinely growth-oriented pathway to all businesses, particularly small to medium businesses starting out, or those which have stalled and are wanting to stop spinning their wheels. 

 What a great opportunity to grab with both hands.

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